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Privacy Statement

MUST (Management and Unions Serving Together) and Copper Range appreciate your interest in their services and your visit to mustbsafe.com. Our "Site" is defined as the MUST Safety Management System (SMS), is hosted by Copper Range, and was created in coordination with MUST. The protection of your privacy is an important concern to which we pay special attention during our business practices. Below is a detailed accounting of what information we collect from users of our sites, how we collect that information, how we use that information, how we insure that information is not misused, and what control users of the Site have over the information. This statement supplements the privacy information present in the Site's Terms of Use agreement.


Copper Range collects information from registered users of the Site through a variety of mechanisms. Some of these mechanisms are apparent to our users and some are not.


In general, Copper Range may access all Apparent and Non-Apparent information it collects in order to:

Copper Range does not share any information it collects with third parties other than MUST unless noted below. While Copper Range may use Third Party Hosting Services (TPH Services) in order to complete any or all of its services, these TPH Services do not have any knowledge or custody of the Apparent and Non-Apparent Information on the Site.

Service Content and User Content

In general, content is shared among users of our Site, and when explicitly requested, with other Copper Range hosted sites. Every Copper Range site has a user permissions structure that limits which users can view which types of information. The user permission structure for this Site is available upon request to customers by emailing support@copperrange.com.

Service Content or User Content is shared with a third party provider of credentials (such as a Learning Management System or a Drug Testing Company, as chosen by the customer) in order to connect any results with the user when information is returned to our Site or to assist the third party in managing the creation of the credential in question. The content shared for this purpose could be any combination of the following: the name of the user or name of the worker a user is managing, MUST ID, the person’s employer and/or union local affiliation, and billing/contact information at the employer and/or union local.

Service Content and User Content is shared with third party trade labor organizations based on a person's local union affiliation. With MUST approval, certain organizations are provided with recurring reports containing some combination of the following: name, MUST ID, other identifying number, drug test result or status, safety module results or status, local affiliation, contact information.

Service Content and User Content is shared with the Copper Range hosted CRScan site on a project-by-project basis with MUST approval. When approved, a user's name, MUST ID, project affiliation, employer, drug test status, and safety module status are shared when a matching name and MUST ID are provided by the CRScan site.

Service Content and User Content is shared with programs participating in the Copper Range hosted Worker Exchange System. With MUST approval, users of other Copper Range hosted sites can search for an Employee's MUST Report Card when they provide a MUST ID, name, and/or other identifying number. A Report Card includes the Employee's name, MUST ID, Drug Test Status, Online Safety Module Results, and any other credentials entered in to the Site.

In general, Copper Range uses Billing and Contact information only to effect billing that may take place between Copper Range and its registered users, and to alert its registered users of new services or changes to existing services. Copper Range also uses Service Content and User Content to provide customer support to MUST and other current users of the Site.

Non-Apparent Information

The Non-Apparent Information that Copper Range collects is used to serve as a means to resolve disputes that may arise among registered users or between registered users and Copper Range.


Copper Range makes every effort to follow customary security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and corruption of the information under our control, but there is no such thing as perfect security, so site users assume all risk of wrongful access. For Copper Range services, all information is encrypted during its transmission between a registered user's computer and a Copper Range server, and vice versa. Copper Range does its best to insure that its databases are accessible only to legitimate registered users through Copper Range sanctioned interfaces, and to authorized Copper Range system administrators.


We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13 and do not allow access by such persons. If we become aware that we have inadvertently received Personal Information from a child under the age of 13, we will delete such information from our records.


In our Site, users have access to their own Contact Information via a link on the home page titled "Change Profile". In general, all Contact Information can be edited on this page, although editing ability is restricted for some User Levels. Some Service Content can be edited or removed within the processes of the Sites. The remaining Service Content and the Billing Information can be edited or removed by contacting us at support@copperrange.com.

Old and expired information on the Site is removed in an annual cleaning based on the MUST Safety Program's Data Retention Policy, information on the policy can be obtained by contacting us at support@copperrange.com.

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