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MUST Active Contractors and Unions

Company Name
1855 Place
1 Way Service Inc
21st Century Salvage, Inc.
3.L.K. Construction L.L.C.
Abetter Elevator
Absolute Fire Protection
A.C. Coutts, Inc.
Accurate Painting Company
Ace Steel Erection, Inc.
Acme Wire & Iron Works
Acoustech Ceilings Inc.
Acoustic Ceiling & Partition Co., Inc
Action Management Corp
Adamo Demolition Company
Administrative Controls Management, Inc.
Advanced Industrial Services
Advanced Solar Solutions
Advantage Electric & Controls, Inc.
A & E Contracting Inc
Aerodynamics Inspecting Company
AGC - Greater Detroit
Airflow Testing, Inc.
Air Solutions Inc
Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.
Akins Construction, Inc.
Albanelli Cement Contractors, Inc.
Alberici Constructors
Alere TPA
Alford Construction Group, LLC
All Area Mechanical LLC
Allegiance Maintenance Service
Alliance Air Conditioning & Heating Inc
Alliance Coating Systems
Allied General Mechanical LLC
Allied Mechancial Services
Allied Ventilation, Inc.
Allingham Corp.
Alltech Engineering
Amalio Corp.
American Concrete Sawing
American Furniture Group
American Glass and Metals Corp.
American Pavement Sawing LLC
Andrus Acoustical, Inc.
Andy J. Egan Company
Angelo Iafrate Construction Company
AnLaan Corporation
ANM Construction Co., Inc.
Ann Arbor Ceiling & Partition
API Construction Company
Applegate, Inc.
Araneae Inc.
Architectural Contractors Trade Association
Architectural Interior Installers
Arctic Air, Inc
Aristeo Construction
Aristeo Services
Artisan Tile Inc.
Asbestos Abatement Local 207
Asbestos Workers Local 25 Contractors/JATC FUND
Asbestos Workers Local #25 J.A.C.
Asbestos Workers Local #47 Contractors
A & S Industrial Coating, Inc.
Assemblers, Inc.
Associated General Contractors of Northwest Ohio
Associated Metal Fabricators & Engineers
ASW Local 1123
Automatic Systems, Inc.
A. Z. Shmina, Inc.
Backer Landscaping Inc.
BAC Local 2 Tile Marble Terrazzo
Badger Daylighting Corp
Baker Construction Company Inc.
Barmatic Inspecting Co., Inc.
Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co.
Baron Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Barton Malow Bootcamp
Barton Malow Company
Barton Malow-Hunt White JV
B & A Structural Steel LLC
Battle Creek Glass Works Inc.
Bay Area Assoc. of the MI Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors
Bay Cast Technologies
Bay Controls, Inc.
Bayview Electric Co.
B & B Concrete Placement, Inc.
Bee Steel Inc
Belle River Industrial Services LLC
Benkari LLC
Ben Washington & Sons Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Best Asphalt, Inc.
Best Impressions, Inc.
Bierlein Services
Blaze Contracting, Inc.
Bloom Roofing Systems, Inc.
Blue Ribbon Contracting, Inc.
Blue Star, Inc.
Blue Water Environmental, Inc.
B & M Crane Rental
BNE Services LLC
Boettcher Masonry
Boilermakers Local 169
Bondhard LLC
Boone and Darr, Inc.
Bornor Restoration Inc.
Bouma Interiors
Brandenburg Industrial Service Co.
Brand Energy and Infrastructure
Brand Scaffold Rental & Erection Co.
Brazen & Greer Masonry
Brencal Contractors, Inc.
Bricklayers Detroit Local 2-Members Only
Brinker Chirstman Joint Venture
Brinker Mechanical Insulation, Inc.
Brinker Team Construction Co.
Bristol Steel & Conveyor Corp.
Brix Corporation
Brock Industrial Services, LLC
Bruner Plumbing & Heating
Bumler Mechanical Inc
Cadillac Asphalt L.L.C
Calvin & Company, Inc.
Campbell Inc.
Capital City Group
Cardinal Contracting
Carlson Walbridge Group LLC
Carpenters Apprentice Drug Fund-Detroit
Carpenters Drug Fund - ACT/ AGC/ CAM
C.A.S.S, Inc.
CB, Inc
CDP Environmental
CEC Controls Co., Inc.
Ceco Concrete Construction, LLC
CEI Michigan LLC
Cement Mason Drug Fund-AGC/CAM
Cement Masons Apprenticeship
Cement Masons Local 2
Centerline Electric
Center Line Technologies, Inc.
Central Ceiling & Partition
Central Conveyor Company
Central Interiors, Inc.
Certified Abatement Srvc., Inc.
Champagne & Marx Excavating, Inc.
Charge Electric Company Inc.
Christen Detroit
Christian Brothers Plumbing Heating & Sewer Cleani
Christman Constructors Inc.
City Carpet & Flooring Inc.
City Renovation & Trim Inc.
City Re-Steel , Inc.
City Steel Inc
CKGP/PW & Assocaites, Inc
Clark Construction Company
Clarkston Steel, Inc.
Cleaning Contractors Inc
C-logic, Inc.
Cloverdale Equipment Co.
C.L. Rieckhoff Co., Inc.
CMF Group
Colasanti Construction Services, Inc
Colasanti Specialty Services
Colombo Sales & Engineering,Inc
Comau, Inc.
Comet Contracting, Inc.
Commerce Controls Inc.
Commercial Construction, Inc
Commercial Contracting Corporation
Commercial Diving & Marine Services, Inc.
Compass Technology Solutions LLC
Complete Mechanical Contracting, Inc
Composite Cooling Solutions L.P.
Concrete Cutting & Breaking Co.
Concrete Floor Treatments, Inc
Concrete Moisture Control Inc.
Condor Metal Roofing & Siding
Connelly Crane Rental Corp.
Conquest Construction Company, Inc.
Conquest Manufacturing
Construction Resource Services
Conti Corporation
Continental Interiors Inc.
Continental Vulcanizing Inc.
Contract Glaziers Inc.
Conventional Carpet, Inc.
Copper Range, Inc.
Core Mechanical Inc.
Coritech Services, Inc
Cougar Contracting, Inc.
Couturier Iron Craft, Inc.
Cowhy-Hayes Construction Inc.
Crawford Pile Driving
Creative Cement Co. Inc.
Creative Floor Coating Systems LLC
Crook Electric Co.
Cross Concrete Pumping
C & R Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
C-Stone Installation Company
CTI and Associates, Inc.
Culver Development LLC
Curtis Glass Co., Inc.
Cut and Core Concrete Cutting LLC
Dan Allor Plumbing and Heating
Danboise Mechanical, Inc.
Dan's Cement Inc
Dans Excavating, Inc.
Davenport Masonry Inc.
Davis Iron Works, Inc.
D.C. Byers Company - Detroit/Lansing
D & D Machinery Movers, Inc.
D & D Planning Design Millwork LLC
Dearborn Mid-West Company, LLC
De-Cal, Inc.
Dee Cramer, Inc.
Delrose Construction Co. Inc.
Delta Contracting Services Inc.
Delta Temp
DeMaria Building Company, Inc.
Denn-Co Construction, Inc.
Depcon Inc.
DES Electric LLC
Design Systems Incorporated
Detroit Automatic Sprinkler Co.
Detroit Carpentry LMPT- Local 1045
Detroit Carpentry LMPT- Local 1234
Detroit Carpentry LMPT- Local 687
Detroit Cornice & Slate Co., Inc.
Detroit Diamond Drilling, Inc.
Detroit Dismantling Corp.
Detroit Edison
Detroit Electrical J.A.T.C
Detroit Elevator Co.
Detroit Fire Extinguisher Co.
Detroit Industrial Services, Inc.
Detroit Metro JATC
Detroit Piping Group, LLC
Detroit Power Systems, LLC
Detroit Public Schools
Detroit Spectrum Painters, Inc.
Detroit Workforce of the Future
Devon Facility Management
Devon Industrial Group
DH Construction Company
DiCosmo Construction
Dilisio Contracting Inc.
Diversicon Co. Inc., The
Diversified Construction Specialists, Inc.
Dixon, Inc.
Doan Construction Company
Dobson Industrial, Inc.
Doublejack Electric Company
Douglas Steel Erection Company
Dover and Company
D & R Earthmoving, LLC.
DRV Joint Sealant Contractors, LLC
DTE Monroe
Dual Temp Mechanical
Duke & Duke Services, Inc.
Duke Roofing Company
Dunbar Mechanical Inc.
Duross Painting Company
Durr Systems Inc.
Dycon, Inc.
DZ Construction Company Inc.
Eagle Excavation, Inc.
Eastern Mechanical Inc
Eastman Fire Protection, Inc.
E. C. Korneffel Co.
Edgewood Electric, LLC
Edwards Glass Company
EEI Global
EGD Glass
EKS Services Incorporated
E & L Construction Group, Inc.
Electrical Corporation of America Inc.
Electrical Power & Design, Inc.
Electrical Workers Fund - Local 275
Elevator Constructors Local 36
Elevator Technology Inc
Elite Fire Safety Inc.
Elite Mechanical Insulation LLC
E.L.S. Construction Inc.
Energy Shield, Inc.
Environmental Industrial Services Inc.
Environmental Testing Services
Ericksons Incorporated
Essential Installation Inc
Eugenio Painting Company
E. W. Ensroth Company
Expert Mechanical Services Inc
Expo Technologies LLC
FANUC Robotics
Farnell Contracting Inc.
Fastdecks, Inc.
Fecteau Air Systems LLC
Federal Industrial Services, Inc.
F.E. Moran Inc. Special Hazard Systems
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Ferndale Electric Co., Inc.
Fessler & Bowman, Inc.
Finishing Trades Institute of the Great Lakes
Flagg Cleaning Systems, Inc.
Flooring Services, Inc.
Flynn Paving Company
F M G Concrete Cutting Inc.
F. M. Sylvan , Inc.
Foco Metal Works LLC
Fontanesi and Kann Company
Forced Air Systems, Inc.
Ford Motor Company
Forest City Erectors, Inc.
Fort Wayne Contracting, Inc.
Foundation Steel LLC
Franklin Holwerda Company
Franklin Partition Corporation
Furniture Assembly, Inc.
Furniture Management Services
Future Fence Company
Future Maintenance,Inc.
Galaxie Industrial Services
Gallagher - Kaiser Corp.
Gandol, Inc.
Gardiner C. Vose, Inc.
Gemelli Concrete LLC
GEM Industrial
General Acid Proofing, Inc.
General Motors Corporation - BIW Install
General Motors Corporation - CRW
General Motors Corporation - GAE Installation
General Motors Corporation-Global Health and Safet
General Motors Corporation - IS&S
General Motors Corporation - Maintenance
General Motors Corporation - MFD Pontiac
General Motors Corporation - Paint
General Motors Corporation - Powertrain
General Motors Corporation - Regional Engineers
General Motors Corporation - V M - Lansing Delta
General Motors Corporation-WFG Capital Projects
General Motors-WES
General Steel Erectors, Inc.
George I Landry Inc
George W Auch
Gerace Construction
Ghafari Associates, L.L.C.
Giffels-Webster Engineers, Inc.
Giffin International
GI Millworks, Inc.
Glasco Corporation
Glasrock Products/OMI
Glaziers Local 357
Glaziers Local 826 IUPAT
Glazing Contractors Association IAF Fund
Global Scaffold Construction Services
GM Energy & Utility Services
G.M. Refractories
GM & Sons, Inc
GM WFG - Mexico
Golden Refrigerant
Gordon North Roofing Co.
Goyette Mechanical Co.
Grand River Construction, Inc.
Granger Construction Company
Great American Welding Co. LLC
Greater Detroit Building & Construction Trades Council
Greater Michigan UA 190 Joint Training Program
Great Lakes Ceiling & Carpentry, Inc.
Great Lakes Fire Protection
Great Lakes Hotel Supply Company
Great Lakes Mechanical
Gross Power Inc DBA Highgate Electric, Inc.
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc.
Grunwell -Cashero Co.
GSI Electrical Services Inc
Guardian Equipment
Guardian Plumbing and Heating
Guideline Mechanical, Inc.
Gunthorpe Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Hale Contracting, Inc
Haley Mechanical
Hall Engineering Co.
Hamilton Contracting LLC
Hardman Construction, Inc.
Harnish Fireproofing LLC
Harris Steel, Inc.
Hartwell Cement Company
Hasper Equipment Co./Cloverdale Subsidiary
Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.
Hayes Mechanical
Healey Fire Protection, Inc.
Heat and Frost Insulators Local 47- JATC
Heat & Frost Insulators Local 25 JATC
Heat & Frost Insulators LU 25-Union/STO
Hennessey Engineers
Henry Gurtzweiler, Inc.
Henshaw Inc.
Heritage and Company Inc.
Heritage Mechanical LLC
Hess Glass Co.
High Voltage Maintenance
Hi-Tech Electric Co.
HMC Mason Contractors
H. M. White, Inc.
Hoffman Bros. Inc.
Hollywood Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Homrich Wrecking Inc.
Hoover Wells, Inc.
Hopp Electric Inc.
Hoyt, Brumm & Link, Inc.
Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
HWX Services
Hydraulic Concrete Breaking Co.
IBEW Local 252/NECA Labor Mgt. Corp. Fund
IBEW Local 557
IBEW Local 58
IBEW Local 665 Labor-Management
IBEW Local 692
IBEW Local 948
Ideal Contracting, L.L.C.
Identify Inc
ILE Excavating, Inc.
In2Gro Technologies LLC
Indicon Corporation
Industrial Electric Co. of Detroit
Industrial Fence & Landscaping, Inc.
Industrial Piping & Maintenance Co, Inc
Industrial Piping Systems, Inc.
Industrial Power Systems, Inc.
Industrial Services, Inc.
Industry One
Innovated Energy Controls
Ino-Tek, Inc.
Inovison Inc
Integrated Installations, LLC
Integrity Interiors Inc.
Interior Exterior Specialists (I.E.S.)
Interior Office Installation Inc.
International Cooling Tower USA, Inc.
International Industrial Contracting Corp.
International Test and Balance, Inc.
Iron Workers J.A.C. of Eastern Michigan
Iron Workers Local 147
Iron Workers Local 25 Union
IUOE Local 324, JATF, Inc. - Freeland
IUOE Local 324, JATF, Inc. - Walker
IUOE Local 324 Journeyman and Apprentice Training Fund- Howell
IUPAT Local 1803
IUPAT Local Union 312
IW25 Iron Workers 25 Fund
Jackson Automatic Sprinkler
Janssen Refrigeration
Jasman Construction, Inc.
J. B. Cain Company
JC Holly Contracting, Inc.
J.D. Candler Roofing Co.
JDG Service, Inc.
JDS Pro Inc
Jenkins Construction Company
J.F. Cavanaugh Company
J. J. Barney Construction Inc.
J. J. Curran Crane Company
J & J Electric
JJQ Construction LLC
JMC Electrical Contractor LLC
J M & Sons Plumbing
John A. Papalas & Company
John Darr Mechanical Inc
John E. Green Company
Johnson Controls Inc.Auburn Hills/Sterling Hgts.
Johnson & Wood LLC
Journeyman and Apprentice Training Fund Local 324
J. Ranck Electric, Inc.
JR Heineman & Sons, Inc.
JTK Electric LLC
JT Thorpe and Son's Inc.
Kalamazoo Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
Kaltz Excavating/M.U. E Inc
Kasco Inc.
Kasl Enterprises, Inc.
Kaywazee Installations Inc
Kem-Tec & Associates
Kerson Construction
Keweenaw Power Systems, Inc
Kiefer Specialty Floors, Inc.
Kiewit Power Constructors Co
King Masonry, Inc.
Kirby Steel, Inc.
KLA Laboratories, Inc.
KM Plant Services Inc
KONE Inc.Grand Rapids
KONE Inc Livonia
Kropf Service Co.
Krull Construction Co. Inc.
K&S Mechanical Services LLC
KT-Grant, Inc.
Kulbacki, Inc.
Kvaerner Songer, Inc.
KVM Door Systems, Inc.
LaBelle Companies
LaBelle Electrical Contractors LLC
Laborers Drug Fund - ACT/AGC/CAM
Labor Management Cooperation Committee Inc.
LaDuke Corporation
LaForce LLC
Lake Erie Electric of MI, Inc.
Lakeside Interior Contractors Inc
Lanaville Foundations, Inc.
Lansing Electrical JATC
Lansing Glass Company
Laramie Enterprises
Lavazza Concrete Inc.
Lawrence-Green Fire Protection, Inc.
Lee Machinery Movers
Leidal & Hart Mason Contractors
Leidos Engineering LLC
Lesco Design and Manufacturing
LGC Global Inc.
Liberty Sheet Metal
Limbach Company
Lincoln Fire Protection
Livingston Engineering L.C.
L & L Construction Co., Inc.
Local 47 J.A.T.C.
Local Union 85 JATC
Long Mechanical
Lowe Construction Company
L. S. Brinker
Lutz Roofing
Lyon Mechanical Inc.
Macomb Concrete Cutting
Macomb Mechanical Inc
Madeira Woodworking Company
Madias Brothers Painting Company, Inc.
Madison Heights Glass Co., Inc
Malone Tile & Masonry
Maniaci/Watt LLC
Mannik & Smith Group, The
Manticore Construction Services
MAP Mechanical
Marc Dutton Irrigation
Martinez Mechanical Services, Inc.
Master Craft Floors
Master Mechanical Insulation, Inc.
Mattic Electric Inc.
McDonald Roofing Company
McNally- Nimergood Co
McShane Mechanical Contracting, Inc.
McSweeney Electric
M.D.G. Enterprises Inc.
Mechanical Contractors Association of Detroit (MCA)
Mechanical Contractors Assoc. NW Ohio
Mechanical Controls & Maintenance, Inc.
Mechanical Design & Installation LLC
Mechanical Heat & Frost Insulation II Inc.
Mechanical & Industrial Insulation Inc.
Mechanical Piping Plumbing Corp.
Mechanical Services LLC
Mechanical Sheet Metal Co.
Metallizers of Mid-America, Inc.
Metro Consulting Associates LLC
Metro Detroit Glaziers JATF
Metro Elevator Co Inc.
Metro Environmental, Inc.
Metro Piping, Inc.
MI BAC Lansing Training Center
Michielutti Bros., Inc.
Michigan Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund
Michigan Charter Associated General Contractors
Michigan Fence Company, Inc
Michigan HRDI
Michigan HRDI - Kalamazoo
Michigan Industrial Group, LLC
Michigan Laborers Training Institute - Perry
Michigan Mechanical Insulation, Inc.
Michigan Overhead Door & Loading Dock Inc.
Michigan Paving & Materials Co.
Michigan Sheet Metal Training & Apprenticeship Inc.
Michigan State Building Trades Council
Michigan Statewide Carpenters & Millwrights JATF
Mid-American Gunite
Mid-Michigan MCA
Mid-Michigan Mechanical Insulation, Inc
Mid Michigan Pride Painting
Mid Michigan Roofing, LLC
Midwestern Consulting
Midwest Installation, Inc.
Midwest Pro Painting, Inc.
Midwest Steel, Inc.
Miller Industries LLC
Miller-Sage, Inc.
Millers Bros Construction Inc
Millwrights Local 1102
MIS Corporation
M. J. Electric LLC
MJ Mechanical Inc.
M & M Excavating Co. Inc.
Modern Mirror & Glass Company
Monarch Welding & Engineering, Inc.
Monroe Environmental
Monroe Plumbing & Heating Company
Motor City Electric Co.
MPS Group, Inc.
MSL Mechanical Contractors
MUST Safety Program
MUST Safety Program-Office
M.W. Morss Roofing Inc.
Myers Plumbing & Heating Inc
Nagle Paving Company
National Conductor Constructors LLC
National Enclosure Company LLC
National Environmental Group, LLC.
National Industrial Maintenance Inc.
National Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Navetta Mason Contractors, Inc.
NECA Southeastern MI
Nedrow Refractories Co.
Nelson-Mill Company
Newkirk Electric Associates, Inc. - Muskegon
Newton Crane Roofing Inc.
Next Generation Environmental, Inc.
Niemi Corporation, The
Niles Industrial Coatings LLC
NKC Conveyor Installation Co.
Noble Fence Co.
North American Dismantling Corp.
Northeast Indiana Carpenters & Millwrights JATC
Northern Boiler Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Northern Electrical Testing
Nova Architectural Glass
Novi Wall Inc
Oakland Plumbing Company
Ohio Concrete Sawing and Drilling, Inc
Operating Engineer Drug Fund - AGC/CAM
Operating Engineer Drug Fund -GLFEA
Operating Engineers LMEC
Operating Engineers Local 324
Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 514
Orion Waterproofing, Inc
Oscar W. Larson Co.
Otis Elevator, Co. - Grand Rapids
Otis Elevator Company-Farmington Hills
Overhead Conveyor Co.
PAC Project Advisors International Ltd.
Palmer Installations
Palmer Moving & Storage
Patrie Construction Company
Patriot Group Construction
Pearson Equipment & Service Corp.
Perfect Polish Inc.
Peterson Glass Company
Phantom Fire Protection
Phoenix Contractors Inc.
Phoenix Environmental Inc
Phoenix Machinery Movers, Inc
Phoenix Refrigeration Inc.
Pipefitters Local 333
Pipefitters Local 636
Pipefitters Local 636 Drug Fund
Pipefitters Local # 671
Pipefitting Industry Training Center
Pipe Systems, Inc.
Planet Inc
Plasterers Fund - ACT
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 85
Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Local 370
Plumbers - Pipefitters Local Union 190
Plumbing Industry Training Center
Pollock Plastering Inc.
Pomponio Construction Inc.
Pontiac Drywall Systems
Posen Construction, Inc.
Poured Brick Wall Inc
Power Process Piping
Power Techniques Inc
Power Vac of Michigan Inc
Prater Commercial Carpentry
Precast Services, Inc.
Precision Abatement LLC
Precision Electrical Contracting, Inc.
Precision Environmental Company
Precision Interiors LLC
Precision Measuring, Corp.
Premier Caulking
Professional Sprinkler
Proficient Training & Consulting LLC
Progressive Control Solutions, LLC
Progressive Installers, Inc.
Progressive Mechanical, Inc.
PRO Image Facility Services Inc.
Pros Services Inc.
Pro Trenching Inc.
Pumpco LLC
Pushman Construction Services LLC
Quality Roofing, Inc.
Ram Construction Services
Rand Environmental Services, Inc.
Rand Industrial Insulation LLC
Rauhorn Electric, Inc.
Raymond Excavating Company
Raynor Overhead Door Corp.
RBV Contracting
RCB Industries, Inc.
R. C. Hendrick & Son, Inc.
Record Automatic Doors Inc.
Redinger Steel Erectors, Inc.
Redline Demolition
Regis Construction LLC
R.E. Leggette Company
Rene Vanassche & Sons Co.
Renton Electric Co.
RESA Service LLC f.k.a. Dymax Service
Resilient Floor Layers/ACT
Resnick Residential Inc.
Resource Mechanical Insulation
Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.
Rival Insulation LLC
R.L. Bondy Insulation, Inc.
R.L.C., Inc.
R.L. Coolsaet Construction
R.L. Deppmann Co.
R.M. Electric, Inc.
RMF Nooter
Road Sprinkler Fitters Local 669
Robertson Morrison Inc
Rockworks, LLC
Roemer Utility Services LC
Rohrscheib Sons Caissons, Inc.
Romanoff Electric Co., LLC
Roncelli, Inc.
Roofers Local 149 Mid-Michigan JATC
Roofers Union Local 149/ SMRCA JAC School
Roofers Union Local # 70 - JATC
Roofers,Waterproofers & Allied Workers Local 149
Rosati Masonry Co. Inc.
Roth Electrical LLC
Rotor Electric Company
Royal Oak Millwork
Royal Roofing Company, Inc.
Royal West Roofing
R & R Construction Services, Inc.
R R D Construction Company
Rudolph/Libbe, Inc.
Russell Plastering Co.
R.V. Installation Inc.
R.W. Mead & Sons
S A Comunale - Ohio
Safway Services Inc. - Detroit
Sanches Construction Company
Sani Vac Service
Saylors Inc.
Scaffolding, Inc.
Scheck Mechanical Corporation
Schena Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc.
Schiffer Mason Contractors Inc.
Schindler Elevator Corp.
Schnabel Foundation Company
Schreiber Corporation
SDI Exterior Systems, LLC
S & D Mechanical Services Inc.
Seaway Mechanical Contractors
Seaway Painting LLC
Secure Door LLC
S.E. Kalchik Mechanical, Inc.
SER Metro Detroit
Service Construction L.L.C.
Service Control, Inc.
Service Engineering, LLC
Set Duct Manufacturing Inc
SG Construction Services
Shambaugh & Son
Shaw Electric Company
Sheet Metal Local 292
Sheet Metal Local7 Zone1/Five Cities Association
Sheet Metal Workers Local 7 Zone 2 JATC
Sheet Metal Workers Local 7 Zones 3 &4
Sheet Metal Workers Local 80
Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 Training Center
Shock Brothers Floorcovering, Inc.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
Signature Contracting Group
Simone Contracting Corporation
SimplexGrinnell Fire Protections Systems Company
Site Development, Inc.
Siwek Construction Company
Skanska USA Building Inc
Skyline Painting, Inc.
Sky Reach, Inc.
Slifco Electric, L.L.C.
SMACNA Metropolitan Detroit Chapter
S & M Heating Sales Company
Smith Brothers Electric
Smyrna Ready Mix Concrete/dba SRM Concrete
S&N Drywall
Sobania Inc.
Solid Platforms Inc.
Songer Steel Services, Inc.
Spalding DeDecker Associates, Inc.
Spartan Specialties LTD
Spence Brothers
Spicer Group, Inc.
Sprinkler Fitters Local #704
SPX Marley
State Group Industrial (USA) Limited
Stationary Operating Engineers Local 324
Stellar Electric Inc.
Stenco Construction
Stephenson Electric Co.
Sterling Erectors Inc.
Sterling Industrial Services, Inc.
Stony Creek Services, Inc.
Streamline Electric Inc.
Strut Tech Systems LLC
Summit Fire Protection Inc.
Summit Roofing, LLC
Superior Demolition Company, Inc.
Superior Electric Great Lakes Co.
Superior Excavating Inc.
Superior Fluid Systems, LLC
Swan Electric Company, Inc.
Syenergy Engineering
Systemp Corporation
Systems Enterprise Corporation
S & Z Sheetmetal, Inc.
Taylor Metal Carpentry, Inc.
Techno Coatings
Telecom Technicians Inc.
TempCo Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Tenmile Creek Excavating LLC
TEST Company
Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc.
T. F. Beck Company
The Albert M. Higley Co. LLC
The Boldt Company
The Cadeira Group
The Gilardone Co.
The Hydaker-Wheatlake Co.
Thermal Insulation Services LLC
Thiel Electric, Inc.
Three Phase Electric & Technologies LLC
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Company
Ticon, Inc.
Timmer Construction Co.
Titan Industrial Flooring , LLC
Titus Welding Company
T & M Asphalt Paving,Inc.
TMI Climate Solutions
Toledo Area Ironworkers Joint Apprenticeship Train
Toledo Caisson Corporation
Tom Furnari Painting LLC
Tooles Contracting Group, LLC.
Total Foundations
Trane, a business of Ingersoll Rand
Trend Carpentry LLC
Tre Torri Construction Inc.
Triangle Electric Co.
Tristar Fire Protection
Tri State Industrial Floors, Inc
Tri-Steel Inc.
Triton Fire Group, Inc.
TTL Associates, Inc.
Turner-Brooks, Inc.
Turner Construction Company - Detroit
Ultimate Corrosion Control, Inc
Union Caisson
Union Tank Erection Inc.
United Drilling, Inc.
United Painting & Decorating, Inc.
United Rental - 152
Universal Glass & Metals, Inc.
Universal Piping Industries
Universal Wall Systems, Inc.
Upper Peninsula Carpenter/Millwright Drug Fund
Urbans Partition & Remodeling Co.
URS Corporation-E & C Division Automotive
Utilities Instrumentation Service, Inc
VanAmburg Carpentry and Millwork Inc.
Vanguard Mechanical Services Inc
Ventcon, Inc.
Vertex Steel, Inc.
VFP Fire Systems
Viking Aegean, Ltd.
VM Duct Services LLC
W-3 Construction Company
Walbridge Concrete Services
Walbridge Equipment Installations
Walbridge Industrial Process
Walbridge - Out of Area
Walbridge Southeast
Walsh Construction Company
Warren Systems Inc
Washington Group - Flint
Washington Group - Lansing
Watson Bros. Service Co.
Wayne County Airport Managerment
WCI Construction Inc.
Webb Mechanical & Electrical Contr
Weinstein Electric Company
Weiss Construction Co., LLC
Wendling Sheet Metal, Inc.
Western Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Westwood Carpentry Company
W & G #2 Ann Arbor
W & G #2 Pontiac
W & G LLC Ann Arbor
Whaley Steel Corp.-Mio
W.H. Canon, Inc.
William Crook Fire Protection Co.
William E. Walter Inc
William Reichenbach Company
Williams Electrical & Telecommunications Co.
W. J. ONeil Company
Wolverine Fire Protection Co.
Wolverine Masonry & Restoration Services
Wolverine Steel Erectors, Inc.
Wolverine Stone Co.
Wolverine Tractor and Equipment Co.
Wood Refrigeration Co.
Woods Interiors
W.S.I. Industrial Services, Inc.
York International
Yukon Construction Services Inc

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