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Management and Unions Serving Together (MUST) would like to welcome you to the newly enhanced MUST Safety Program web site -- your one stop source for drug testing and safety awareness training! The MUST Safety Program is dedicated to making a zero-accident career a reality.
  • Drug testing services continue without interruption. For Drug Testing Q & A, or to learn more, please visit www.mustonline.org
  • Safety Awareness Training is available online by logging in and clicking directly on "View a Safety Module". The interactive web-based format provides an enjoyable learning experience in less than half the time and cost. Just click a hyperlinked title to start a module. You can bookmark your place and restart where you left off, no CDs are required.
  • The training standard includes 18 Learning Modules based on topics from the OSHA 30 Hour Outreach Training Program.
  • MUST will recognize other OSHA and DOL accredited instructor led training, licenses, and certifications that grant credit toward the 18 Learning Modules. Contact MUST to see how you can qualify.
  • Review FAQs at www.mustonline.org
MUST is committed to workplace safety and welcomes your feedback. Please contact the MUST Help Desk at 248-352-9810 Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:00pm ET or email info@mustonline.org

We have good news! As shared previously, FedEx fully restored service to the New Orleans area as of September 13, and we have accounted for the vast majority of specimens collected prior to the storm.

  • As of September 20, we have received and screened all specimens delivered to our laboratories to-date.
  • n alignment with eScreen’s standard procedure, we will cancel electronic collection records prior to September 5 for any specimen not yet received by the lab.
  • If a test is still needed for those donors and a ‘received at lab’ status is not indicated, a recollection is recommended at this time.
  • Specimens that are presumptive positive will undergo confirmation testing. Based on the high number of screening tests conducted during our 24/7 operations, there is a high number of specimens awaiting confirmation testing. We will continue to provide updates relating to in-process confirmation testing. We realize that you may have experienced delays in result reporting due to the complications of Hurricane Ida, and we thank you for your patience.